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  • The dreaded exam season...bring me coffee

    Goodbye social life, hello caffeine

    Summer not only brings sandy toes, salty hair and festivals galore, it also sees students across the country enduring exam season. GCSEs, ‘A’ levels and university dissertations are all well underway. No doubt your usual late nights at house parties and the student union have been replaced with late nights at your uni’s library, or squeezing in as much revision at home as possible. Whether you’re the 'plan a month ahead' type of gal/boy, or you prefer the more cramming in until the last second, either way, caffeine is no doubt be your best friend right now.

    Our stylish scoop neck jumper, will not only keep you cosy (if like us you prefer to not get dressed when studying), it also perfectly sums up the current situation:

    Or maybe you need some motivation to get you through...bring for the motivational tees;


    Enough of the serious talk

    With all the stress of exams, let's take a moment to relax and take a look at these satisfying and creative latte art GIFS (there’s even one fit for a unicorn):













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  • Newness alert: Motivational water bottles

    The countdown has begun

    It’s that time of year again, we’ve eaten too many easter eggs and hot cross buns (yum), the days are getting (slightly) warmer, and, there’s a queue for the treadmill. Yep, summer is just around the corner!


    Which also means, it’s time to start thinking about rocking that swimwear….

    The beach awaits

     Your flights and accommodation are booked, however, there’s still one last step to go - making yourself feel your best and ‘beach ready’. Put the cocktails on hold for a moment and let's give winter a proper send off. It’s time to start warming up those muscles. 

    Our new range of motivational water bottle designs are set to give you that gym kick-start. They’ll be sure to remind you that you might be a hot mess, but you’ve got this, sister.

    Our new range

    Stay cool and hydrated this season with our fun and chic aluminium water bottles, the perfect gym partner to keep you motivated. The bottle will keep the contents cool due to it being made of aluminium so you’ll feel hydrated and refreshed whilst you own it in the gym!

    To help with some inspiration, here’s a quick and easy work out to help get you get your fitness mojo back and into the swing of things.

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