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It’s all about the avocado

Just because we love summer so much, we’ve put together some of our favourite avocado recipes to help inspire you to rustle up some light and tasty dishes. Although you can’t beat a classic Sunday roast at the weekend, when summer calls, it’s all about the alfresco dining.


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 Anyway, back to the recipes:


1. Avocado feta dip 


2. Crispy baked avocado fries


3. Tuna and avocado brown rice bowl 


4. Avocado black bean quesadillas


5. Smoked Salmon, avocado and rocket salad


6. Avocado mac n cheese

7. Salmon and avocado rice balls


8. Cream cheese and avocado wontons


9. Avocado shiitake spring rolls


10. Peach, basil, avocado, balsamic wrap