• Team LC’s Top Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

    Now that we're well into spring, it’s time to start thinking about how to celebrate Easter, for all ages of the family. Whether you're waiting for the Easter bunny to bring you your go-to chocolate egg, or the Yorkie puds on your plate at dinner, these Easter egg hunt ideas for 2018 will be great entertainment for everyone!

    1.Date ideas/ rewards Easter Egg Hunts

    We promise it doesn’t look as bad as it sounds. Why not replace the chocolate with small slips of paper that request something you'd like? If each member of the family plants a few eggs this can be good for all ages. Maybe you could make it even more exciting and throw in some bad eggs to get out of chores/housework by writing on your slips ‘wash the dishes for the week’.

    Easter Egg Hunt Slip Ideas

    2.Easter Egg Treasure Hunt

    The Treasure Easter Egg Hunt means you can leave clues in order for the next egg to be found. Not only is it great fun and makes the little ones work hard for the hunt, it also means all eggs will be found because let’s face it, who's going to remember each location? We've even found a printable Easter egg hunt with clues included, thanks to Baby’s Hints and Tips.

    Easter Egg Hunt Printable Clues

    3. The Colour Co-ordinated eggs

    It’s tricky to avoid the ‘I saw it first’ when you have siblings and more than one child, so, to make it fair for all, give each child their own coloured egg to find. You might also see some awesome teamwork to make the dream work from the children as they help each other out with egg spots. Win, win.

    Colour Co-ordinated Easter Eggs

    4. Adult Glow in the dark Easter egg hunt

    After all the eggcellent Easter treats for the kids, they’ll be worn out and in bed early (nicely done), now it’s time to plant some glow in the dark Easter eggs around the garden and house. These are perfect to include some truth or dares or challenges inside.

    Glow In The Dark Easter Eggs for Hunts

    5. Scavenger hunt

    A scavenger hunt is mainly for the teens. They may feel too grown up and not up for an Easter egg hunt, however, give them a checklist and a time to do it all in and see if they’ll step up to the challenge! Include time tasks such as ‘act out a popular movie without saying the name’.

    Easter Egg Nest Photography

    To top it off, why not complete your Easter festivities in style with our aptly worded Happy Easter Jumper!

    Happy Easter Rabbit Sweater

    Have a hoppy Easter,

    Team LC x 



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  • 20% off our range This Black Friday!

    Black Friday is almost here and we are participating.

    Letter Clothing will begin the sale on the 24th November and will finish at midnight on the 27th November.

    There will be 20% ALL of the products! To claim this just enter 'BLACKFRIDAY20' at the check-out stage.

    Don’t miss out on getting your super cute gifts for Christmas, or even a new addition for your own wardrobe!

    Here’s Team LC’s top picks that’ll be up for grabs below













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  • Monochrome Mondays

    It’s Monday again!

    A whole week at work before the weekend but we always feel ready. It’s always a struggle with finding new outfits every day for work or leisure activities and making sure we start the week matching. So, to make mornings simple, choose monochrome.

    Colour trends

    Monochrome is simplistic but stylish and never fails when you contrast it with other colours. Here are some colours that work well together shown through interior décor!

    Bright colours

    Monochrome living room with a splash of yellow

    Bright colours such as this yellow are called positive colours because they actually have an affect on people’s moods. Not to forget we associate yellow with the sun, and sun means HOLIDAY!

    Pastel colours

    Pastel coloured kitchen

    Pastel colours are cooler tones and are known to be quite relaxing as these aren’t so strong on the eye. More winter feels.


    Grey bedroom

    Grey, a true chic- classic! No matter which shade you choose, or how you accessorise it, it always works and always looks stylish! 

    Our product ranges

    At Letter clothing, monochrome is our thing. Below we have shared some of our fav products for you all.


    Letter Clothing milk drunk baby grow


    Letter Clothing Dreaming of Unicorns


    Letter Clothing just own it tshirt

    We would love to see you guys in our products so don’t forget to tag our Instagram in your posts to be featured in one of our posts!

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  • It’s all about the avocado

    Just because we love summer so much, we’ve put together some of our favourite avocado recipes to help inspire you to rustle up some light and tasty dishes. Although you can’t beat a classic Sunday roast at the weekend, when summer calls, it’s all about the alfresco dining.


    If you love avocados as much as we do, why not show your appreciation for the fruit (yes, it’s a fruit!) by donning one of our stylish Heart Avocado t-shirts? Perfect for your summer wardrobe.

     Anyway, back to the recipes:


    1. Avocado feta dip 


    2. Crispy baked avocado fries


    3. Tuna and avocado brown rice bowl 


    4. Avocado black bean quesadillas


    5. Smoked Salmon, avocado and rocket salad


    6. Avocado mac n cheese

    7. Salmon and avocado rice balls


    8. Cream cheese and avocado wontons


    9. Avocado shiitake spring rolls


    10. Peach, basil, avocado, balsamic wrap












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  • Bonjour Summer, Paris is calling

    Paris: the city of love and fashionistas!


    Here at Letter Clothing Company, we're enthusiasts of both travel and fashion. We've put together a small collection of must see place in Paris, perfect for those with a passion for fashion. Notepads at the ready!


    1. Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré

    First up is the Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré located in the heart of Paris. The pretty street is regarded as one of the most luxurious and fashionable streets in the world, which is mostly due to practically every major global fashion house, the numerous art gallery and the Élysée Palace (the official residence of the French President) which all reside on this street!


    2. Le Marais

    Looking for something a bit more friendly on the bank account? Then head to Le Marais. A historic district in Paris and home to many buildings of architectural and historic importance. La Marais is packed with lots of vintage shops and stalls for you to bag a bargain! It's also home to the Jewish quarter of Paris.

    Some of the recommended vintage stores in this area are Vintage Désir, Free’P’Star and BIS Boutique Solidaire. This district offers plenty more stores scattered all across Marais, with second-hand steals from as low as €1.


    3. Galerie LaFayette, Boulevard Haussmann

    The Galerie LaFayette is a grand, historic department store in Paris which oozes elegance. Here you'll find many high end brands, such as Chanel, Gucci, Anya Hindmarch, Dior and so on. With easy access to each level, a food court for a spot of lunch, along with the sheer size of the building, you could easily spend an entire day there! Aside from its enormous selection of upmarket brands, the Galerie LaFayette is also very famous for its stained glass dome roof created in 1912, which still remains to be the most eye-catching part of the shopping centre.


    4. Musée de la mode et du textile

    The Museum hosts many different and exciting themed exhibitions, as well as holding Elsa Schiaparelli’s entire archive (Coco Chanel's rival and prominent fashion figure between both World War I and World War II. The attraction also keeps a range of runway looks from more modern day designers such as Balmain, Yves Saint Lauren, Paco Rabanne and many more.


    5. The Triangle d’Or

    The Triangle d'Or is the name that's given to the joining of the following streets; Avenue Montaigne, Avenue George V and Rue François 1er. This location is one of the most popular amongst those interested in high fashion. These strips are home to many flagship stores, as well as design HQs. They include brands such as Valentino, Dolce & Gabbana and Christian Lacroix.


    6. Palais Galliera

    Last but certainly not least, Palais Galliera. This building was originally conceived as a museum to hold the art collections of Duke and Duchess of Galliera, however the building is now home to a huge collection of French fashion and costumes from the 18th century to the present day. There are around 70,000 pieces held by the museum, some which belonged to the likes of Marie Antoinette. This place is definitely a must see for those who have a love for both history and fashion - a perfect day out.


    *Header image courtesy of

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  • Hair style inspo for this festival season

    Summer is on its way, and what says summer more than festivals?

    Here we've put together some of our favourite hair styles that would be perfect for a killer festival look.

    1. The trusty flower crown


    2. Bunz

    3. Glitter galore

    4. Hoops

    5. Braids


    We hope that some of our favourite looks helped spark up some ideas for your festival look this year!


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